All women have, to some degree, a specific area of their bodies they’d like to have control over. Lower tummy, for example, is one of the “most popular” complaints.

If you have found yourself wanting to fit in that bodycon-like or form-fitting dress for the holidays but are too scared that your lower tummy will not flatter you, then luckily for you I’ve compiled the 10 best shapewear for tummy control.

Target your lower stomach with this affordable and high-quality shapewear you can find on Amazon.

10 Best tummy flattening shapewear

1. Best waist and tummy slimming shapewear: Sliot women waist trainer tummy control panties

If you want to achieve that sexy silhouette in a matter of seconds, this Sliot shapewear will do the trick for you. It’s designed to lift your butt, slim your waist with a high corset and tuck your tummy with a high-quality material that will make you look super sexy.

You can wear these for any occasion: from a wedding party with a bodycon dress to a yoga class with pants and t-shirts.

What customers say:

Customers have loved how effective this shapewear is, writing comments like “it actually works in me” and “it fit perfectly in all the right places”.

“I freaking love this thing”, “great support”, “hold everything up without feeling too restrictive” and “it’s extremely comfortable” are some of the great reviews these Sliot shapewear for lower stomach have received.

2. Sexy tummy control underwear for a great price: Sliot high waist cincher panties

This is a great tummy slimming thong shapewear that will target your midsection like few undergarments will. It’s a sexy body shaper that will make you look great with or without clothes! So if you want to surprise your other half, this one will do the trick.

The best part is that the thong design will help you wear anything with no fear of showing your undergarments. You can wear tight bottoms like leggings or bodycon dresses and no one will know your secret.

What customers say:

Customers have enjoyed these shapewear undergarments, specially how comfortable and high quality they are. They have helped them boost their confidence, rocking sexy outfits or slimming down a post-partum tummy.

“Great product”, “this item is definitely worth the buy”, “wow, yes” and “received tons of compliments” are some of the happy comments made by customers.

3. Cute stomach shapewear underwear with lace detail: BRABIC smooth shapewear for women tummy control

This BRABIC shapewear undergarment is perfect for anyone who loves to feel sexy, with a cute lace detail at the hem that will let you wear anything without the fear of showing your undies.

It is made of smooth high elastic fabric that’s smooth and comfortable, and features a high waist tummy control fit that will slim down your waist and tummy, which is designed to stay put and don’t roll down even if you’re dancing your heart out.

What customers say:

Customers have loved not only how sexy this shapewear makes them look, but also the fact that it doesn’t roll down. If you want the best girdle to hold in stomach while forgetting you’re wearing one, this is the one for you.

“Highly recommend”, “best body shaper I’ve found”, “fits perfectly and great quality” and “this is top of the line product” are some of the great reviews this Sliot undergarment has received.

4. Best body shaper thong for women: SEXYWG women waist cincher girdle

There’s nothing worse than buying a shapewear for tummy control that has a grandma-like look. You’re supposed to buy these garments to make you feel sexy, so even the design should be able to help you feel like that.

This is why these SEXYWG waist cincher girdle is one of the best options for you. It looks like a regular thong undie, but has a high waist fit that tucks in your tummy and slims down your waist to display a sexy figure.

What customers say:

Customers have highly valued how perfectly this shapewear fits their bodies.

“Price is amazing for such good quality”, “fit great”, “best shapewear thing for me” and “comfortable and makes you look great” are some of the great reviews these shape wears have received from satisfied customers.

5. Best brief panties that targets muffin top: Kintanco high waist tummy control panties

If you’re simply looking for cute undies that will help you smooth out your tummy, then these Kinyanco brief panties are the best option for you.

They’re like your regular panties except they feature a high waist design with a stretchy and comfortable fabric made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. These are perfect for anyone who wants to tuck in their lower tummy with every-day wear, but might not be the best for someone who’s wants a super supportive shape wear.

What customers say:

One of the best features of these Kinyanco panties is their great quality and how well they are made. “Excellent sewing and good quality fabric” says one customer who adds she will gladly buy more, since it’s good quality for a great price.

“They don’t roll, pinch or bunch”, “most perfect item I’ve bought on Amazon” and “good quality and fit” are other great reviews you can read about these undies.

6. Amazing tummy control undergarment for muffin top: Fleexes Maidenform women’s shapewear

This Maidenform shape wear will help you trim your tummy, shape your waistline and prevent any back pain, giving you an hourglass figure you’ll want to flaunt everywhere.

It’s made of 70% nylon and 30% elastane with a crotch lining of 100% cotton, and has a high waist fit with a silicon elastic waistband that will prevent any roll-down.

What customers say:

Customers are obsessed with how good these shapewear undergarments are. “Holds everything”, “very happy with my purchase” and “makes everything look smoother” are some of the happy comments made by customers.

7. The best tummy control underwear for an hourglass figure: Nebility women butt lifter shapewear

This shapewear is perfect for anyone who wants to flaunt an hourglass figure while showcasing an sexy butt. It’s designed to slim down your waist and make your stomach smooth and tight, while lifting your booty with a full butt shape stitching, enhancing your curves for a sexier look.

Perfect for wearing under a bodycon dress!

What customers say:

Customers have really noticed how effective this shapwear is: “gives some lift to your butt area”, “my husband noticed my butt”, “holds everything in” and “hugs your body and doesn’t slide down” are some of the comments made by happy customers.

8. High quality tummy control shapewear for a great price: Gotoly women body shaper

This is an amazing product for an amazing price: not only does it have a sexy design, but will also help you tuck in your lower tummy with a high quality fabric that is soft, breathable and comfortable.

It’s designed with a super thin edge that makes it invisible under clothes, hiding your secret to a sexy and hourglass-like figure.

What customers say:

“Surprisingly cute”, “felt and looked great”, “fits great and very slimming” and “perfect for full figured women” are some of the great reviews these shapewear have received.

9. The best shapewear for back support: Eleady women’s latex shapewear

If you’re looking for a body shaper underwear that offers back support, this Eleady corset will do the trick.

It’s made of high quality latex and spandex material that’s lightweight, flexible and has a ultra-high compression that will help you create a sexy hourglass figure. This one will also help you improve your posture while protecting your spine and relieving any waist pain.

What customers say:

“Extremely comfortable”, “soft and unnoticeable”, “strong and supportive shoulder straps” and “perfect shapewear” are some of the great comments you can read about these Eleady shapewear garments.

10. The best body shaper for tummy, waist and thighs: Nebility waist trainer

If you’re looking for a shapewear that will also help you slim down your thighs, this one is just what you need.

It has a double-layer fabric around midsection that will help you flatten your lower stomach and slim your waist thanks to its ultra-high waist design. It also has a thigh band design that will hold your thighs in their place, making them look thinner.

What customers say:

“Sucks in and smoothes out everything”, “great shaper at a phenomenal price”, “it will prevent thigh roll” and “made my butt look really nice” are some of the great reviews you can read about these body shapers.

Wrap up:

Body shapers will help you boost your confidence by making you feel sexy and comfortable while wearing body fitting garments. From bodycon and sheath dresses to jeans and tank tops, these garments will give you the key to achieving that sexy hourglass figure everyone wants.

This 10 best shapewear for tummy list will give you the best options!