Every time when I discuss a topic related to summer outfits (formal or casual), women ask me the questions like “What to do with a big breast,” “How to get the illusion of thin torso,” and “What should I do with broad shoulders?” I understand that most of us do not have perfect figures. In summer, we have to wear less clothing with more skin show. That means more problem areas and shortcomings are going to be exposed.

Best style Collar Guideline to Get Stylish Summer Look (1)

Difficulty in making the right summer choices is the very reason why people complain to have ordinary summer looks. “I too feel like I’m in good shape in winter and look good in my winter clothes. It’s especially difficult to buy clothes in the summer…” Things can be made easier only if you know how to choose the right collar/neckline according to your torso.

Best style Collar Guideline to Get Stylish Summer Look (1)

While picking summer clothes, everyone’s focus is often on covering the areas like stomach and legs. Covering is fine as it helps in hiding our bodily flaws. But sometimes it becomes more important to expose (to expose legs to get the illusion of height).

How important is the Collar?

Collar or neckline is important—lets understand it by comparing these two images of super model Gigi Hadid. In one, she can be seen wearing a crop top with round neck collar, while in the other she can be seen flaunting a kimono collar. No doubt latter one is more attractive as it reveals the golden triangle in front of the chest. While in the other, her neck is covered completely, and no one can see the lines of the neck. ▼

Natalie Portman has wide shoulders, so she loves oblique and strapless dresses。▼

Best style Collar Guideline to Get Stylish Summer Look

How to wear Necklines on different body types?

Our focus today is how to choose the popular collar styles in summer to get a slimming and perfectly shaped effect different body types?

Kimono Collar, which figure can wear it femininely?

Earlier, we were talking about Gigi’s kimono collar, let’s talk about this style first. I believe that you have seen many of these wrap-around shirts this year. Known as kimono collars, cross-wrap designs, and V-word on the chest—some people also name it a chest-wrapped collar.

Crossing the shoulders, exposing the neck and collarbone, it’s a little sexy neckline, so it makes sense to pick it up. ▼

Best style Collar Guideline to Get Stylish Summer Look

Cross neckline design is generally attached to waist. It shows the body curves clearly. So, it is very suitable style for big breasted girls。▼

As a big breasted girl, if you find the above-mentioned style too revealing and sexy, choose a V-letter neckline that is smaller and less exposed. ▼

V-neck style and Kimono collar style, both are highly recommended for girls with heavy bosoms as it makes the upper body look much slimmer than usual. ▼

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Of course, the most classic interpretation of kimono collar is a wrap dress. This is the most suitable dress for a full-bodied girl. Whether you have big breast or a slightly overweight upper body, you can use a wrap dress to show the curves of your torso.▼

Girls with heavy bosoms who want a less revealing style must choose V-smaller necklines on loosely-fit outfits. Take a look at this V-shaped neckline over an outfit with front slit opening. It gives a charming style.  ~▼

Kimono collar is also suitable for flat V-chested girls, because small bosoms usually have nice collarbones and kimono collars reveal it beautifully.

I believe that girls with small bosoms must not wear small V-collar—it will makes them look even flatter. Why not choose V-neckline in a deeper and bigger style? It looks like sexy French style. ▼

KK participated in the CFDA Awards and wore a simple kimono collar shirt with a pencil skirt. ▼

Check out kimono style collar for flat bosoms—a loosely fit outfit will make you look flatter. Compare yourself。▼

Kimono collar style is quite versatile—it looks beautiful on girls with both flat and heavy bosoms. But this neckline is not suitable for girls with wide shoulders. ▼

Kimono collar is suitable not only for girls with short necks but also for round faces. Kani loves to wear a wrap dress, as the V-neck design suits her round face and adds sensual femininity. ▼

A-word collar, how to control the imperfect figure?

A word collar or strapless style has been in vogue from past two years. Putting it on not only shows your charming collarbone; it also looks sexy without exposing too much. ▼


Many women who buy an outfit with this collar style, don’t find it as sexy as they thought it be. In fact, they find it a bit oversized. Wanna know the reason? This collar style is all about perfect fit with right size of shoulders and neck. If your neckline is imperfect in any way, this style would not suit you. ▼

The perfect type of shoulder for this collar style is the “natural clothes hanger” we often boast as flat shoulders. 。▼

Thin and skinny girls too can try A word or strapless neckline. Look at the image of Jiang Shuying. She looks quite comfortable while carrying A word collar.▼

Any girl with good collarbone can flaunt this style perfectly. ▼

Girls with broad shoulders are not so suitable for A word collar. Look at Chloe Moretz wearing the same dress as worn by slim and smart Tang Yan, ~▼

Jiang Xin has relatively round body. When she wears a strapless collar, it looks too heavy. It does not look as good as V-neckline on the right. ▼

Does this mean that her figure is imperfect? of course not. It all depends on picking the right style.

For example, if a girl wants to pull off an off the shoulder style, but she wears an ordinary collar style to expose her shoulder, would she look perfect? (left image). Contrary to that if she wears the right cross or a perfectly stitched style, doesn’t she look better? ▼

Girls with narrow shoulders are perfect for wearing A collar. Check out the images—the narrow-shouldered girl should wear A word collar in radian style (left image) as it softens the whole look. They must avoid flat collars (right image). ▼

As I have just said, sometimes exposure is more important than covering. If a girl with wide shoulder wants to wear A collar, she should not feel concerned about shoulder’s width, and must choose some fancy lotus leaves to divert attention from her shoulders. Fashion blogger Chriselle Lim loves to wear it. ▼

Girls with wide shoulders and heavy backs can also opt for some degree of exposure (left image). This type of strapless shoulder covers the skin and looks subtle as well. ▼

People with thick arms can also choose A word collar in narrow style. Especially for the teens with attractive collarbone, this arctic bare shoulder style is perfect to show their best body part. ▼

Oblique Shoulders to Hide imperfection

The oblique shoulder collars that were popular many years ago, have finally returned this year. ▼

Many fashion talents can’t ignore this style. ▼

Slanted or one-shoulder neckline is always in style and lots of girls love to wear it. This style creates a beautiful balance between exposing and covering. So, not just for style, it can also be tried for hiding any imperfection. Most people do not see any problems with your shoulders because they are particularly friendly to the slippery shoulders. ▼

Girls with broad-shoulders can also try this collar style. Be sure that it is not too tight, otherwise it will expose your structure weirdly. In contrast, the loose style on the right looks much better. Isn’t it? ▼

The slanting shoulders can also make the neckline look more slender and slimmer, so it is also very suitable for short-necked girls.▼

If your collarbone happens to be very beautiful, it will look more fashionable. ▼

Wearing off the shoulder style does not come without the fear of slipping or showing up of your bra’s strap. To deal with it there are many outfits that are equipped with a special shoulder strap. You do not have to face the slipping issue with oblique shoulder style as in spite of exposing one shoulder, there is no chance of slipping off the collar. ▼

Although, it seems difficult to challenge the oblique shoulder, but keeping in view the revealing factor, these two styles are not suitable for most workplaces.

Lastly, for an imperfect figure, it’s really important to choose the right neckline. If the neckline is chosen correctly, it can accentuate the face shape, and can also modify the neck and shoulder contours to make your collarbone look more attractive.