Sometimes we risk our comfort in the name of fashion, especially when we opt for painful shoes: whether super pointy toe shoes or flats with un-cushioned soles or stilettos.

But when we are planning on doing a lot of walking, opting for the best shoes becomes a must. People with plantar fasciitis (strong heel pain) have it a bit more difficult, since finding affordable and comfortable shoes is not the easiest task out there.

10 Best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis

If you suffer from heel pain, look no more! I’ve compiled the 10 best women’s walking shoes for plantar fasciitis that will help your feet feel comfortable and look stylish.

Plantar fasciitis can be really painful, but these shoes will make you forget you even suffer from this condition.

1. Best sandals for plantar fasciitis: FITORY women’s flat sandals with ankle strap

If you’re going on a summer vacation getaway and plan on doing many outdoors activities, these ankle-wrap sandals are a great option for you.

These have support in the arch area, which means you won’t be walking flat-footed (ouch!), providing you all-day support. You can choose from 13 different designs (not all are ankle wrap), giving you plenty of options to choose the ones that best fit your personal style.

What customers say:

Customers have loved these FITORY sandals, especially the great mix of cute and comfort. “Very comfortable”, “very stylish and extremely comfortable”, “great every-day sandal” and “feel like the real thing” are some of the comments left by satisfied customers.

Some have said that these are perfect for narrow, medium or wide feet (except the ankle strap sandal), which makes them perfect for anyone suffering from heel pain.

2. Best walking shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis: Orthofeet comfortable sandals for women

These shoes might not be the most affordable ones, but they’re definitely worth the price. Orthofeet specializes in designing the best shoes for people who suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunion pain, diabetes, flat feet, etc…

These walking shoes have premium orthotic insoles with arch support and many cushioning layers that guarantee all-day comfort. You will even forget you have shoes on!

What customers say:

Customers are obsessed with these shoes. Many own more than two pairs! Comments such as “I’ll never look elsewhere for shoes” or “this is the shoe for problem feet” are the kind of comments these Orthofeet shoes have received from happy customers.

Women with different types of foot problems have expressed how amazing these shoes are, which makes me believe that this is the best option for anyone who loves going on long walks.

3. Cute wedges for heel pain: Vionic women’s Hoola Tawny t-strap wedge

If you love a stylish and chic look, but also comfort, these Vionic wedges are made just for you. They’re perfect for pulling-off cute summer outfits and will give you that comfort you’re looking for.

These wedges have a 1” platform height and 3” heel height. It also features a podiatrist-designed footbed that will hug your arches for an added comfort, letting you enjoy your daily activities without worrying a bit about your foot pain.

What customers say:

These shoes are perfect for women with plantar fasciitis, as many of the reviews say things such as: “they have helped my plantar fasciitis heal”, “will mold to your feet over time”, “WELL worth the money”, “my feet felt great” and “very impressed with their comfort”.

4. Perfect slip-on sneakers for walking: Skechers women’s Go Walk Joy-15615

These are one of the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis: They have a cute multicolor textile design, feature a lightweight dual-density outsole with comfort pillar technology, are soft and breathable, and one of the best qualities: they’re machine washable!

If you suffer from heel pain, these Skechers sneakers are here to help.

What customers say:

Customers love how comfortable these shoes are. They have also enjoyed the multicolor design, as they match perfectly many different outfits.

“So comfortable”, “great shoes”, “no aching feet” and “(I) feel balanced and far more comfortable (than other shoes)”, are some of the great reviews received by happy customers.

5. Comfortable and cute flat shoes for walking: Skechers performance women’s Go Step Lite-Solace Walking Shoe

Skechers is a great brand for women who suffer from foot pain, as many of their style feature arch support and are made of high-quality materials. This Go-Step style is perfect for anyone who’s not a fan of sneakers but needs to wear comfortable shoes due to their plantar fasciitis.

They feature a breathable mesh, a responsive cushioned midsole, and soft fabric lining, providing you with style and comfort.

What customer say:

“Support with a great look”, “very comfortable slip-ons”, “very well made”, “the soles are substancial” and “these are heaven sent!” are some of the great reviews you can read about these Skechers shoes.

Perfect for women with plantar fasciitis!

6. Best sneakers for plantar fasciitis: Slow Man women’s walking shoes sock sneakers

These sneakers are perfect for a cool and casual look, letting you enjoy your daily activities without worrying about any foot pain. They feature a MD+Air cushion sole, a lightweight and flexible material, and a mesh fabric that lets your feet breathe comfortably.

They also mentioned that these are perfect for plantar fasciitis or for anyone who needs to stand up for many hours a day.

What customers say:

Customers are in love with how comfortable these Slow Man sneakers are. “Super comfortable wearing”, “this shoe is awesome”, “all day wear” and “cute and comfortable” are some of the happy comments from satisfied customers.

7. Modern sneakers for an all-day comfort: TIOSEBON women’s walking sock shoes

These are really cute shoes perfect for casual outfits, working out, walking, jogging or for a business casual look. They feature a stretchy and breathable mesh that expand with your feet as you walk, and a soft sole made from MD outsole.

You can also choose from 21 different solid colors, giving you plenty of options to choose the one that best suits your personal style.

What customers say:

“These shoes are amazing”, “very comfortable”, “love everything about them” and wonderful surprise” are some of the great reviews received by happy customers.

8. One of the best athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis: Vionic women’s Walker

If you love to workout but suffer from heel pain, these Vionic sneakers are just what you need in your life. They feature a removable textile-covered EVA footbed, have a 0.5” elevation for comfortable wear, and have active motion system technology that guarantees no achy heels.

You can choose from 8 different cute solid colors and are the perfect match for a stylish activewear look.

What customers say:

“Can’t love these shoes enough”, “my solution for plantar fasciitis” and “definitely recommend these” are some of the great reviews you can read about these amazing sneakers.

9. High arch shoes for plantar fasciitis: Orthofeet Arch support shoes for women

These Orthofeet sneakers are one of the best options you’ll find for your plantar fasciitis. Just like almost all Orthofeet shoes, these feature a premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support. They’re designed to help relieve different types of foot problems: plantar fasciitis, bunions, joint pain, diabetes, etc…

What customers say:

These sneakers are perfect for people who have to be standing up or walking all day long., as some customers say. One is a nurse that ddoes 12-hour shifts, and claims these shoes have the best support she’s ever tried.

Another one is a baker who also has to stand up all day long, and says “these shoes are amazing” and a “lifesaver”.

10. Cute flat shoes with high arch support: Vionic Women’s Spark Minna ballet flats

These flat shoes are perfect for anyone suffering from heel pain but love staple shoes. They’re not only versatile and classic, but they’re also made for relieving foot pain. They come with a removable microfiber-covered EVA footbed, a 0.4” heel height and biomechanical contact that hugs your foot’s natural shape.

They also have the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance. If you’re looking for doctor recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis, these are one of your best options.

What customers say:

“Great support”, “cute shoes for feet issues”, “good looking for an orthotic shoe” and “delighted I have found this brand” are some of the comments made by satisfied customers.

Wrap up:

If you suffer from heel pain, wearing the best shoes is a total must. Don’t risk your health for the sake of looking good.

These 10 best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis will not only help you relieve your pain, but will also let you enjoy a stylish look at the same time!