Being a bridesmaid is one of the most exciting things that could happen to you as a best friend. Not only will you witness your friend getting married to the love of her life, but you will also help her before and during the wedding.

But being a bridesmaid is all fun and games until your feet start hurting from standing up and dancing all night long. That’s why I’ve compiled the 10 best bridesmaid shoes you’ll find online, helping you choose from comfortable, cute and affordable heels to complete your bridesmaid look.

Top 10 bridesmaid heels

1. The best bridesmaid shoes for an all-night comfort: Naturalizer women’s Taimi dress sandal

Naturalizer is a brand well-known for its high quality and comfort, and honestly, buying shoes only for the sake of looking good on the pictures is a waste of time and money.

That’s why investing in these cuties is a complete yes. The heel measures 2.5 inches and they also feature an adjustable buckle closure and a dual-density cushioning and arch support, providing you with all-night comfort.

Feel free to dance all you want as these Naturalizer heels will have your back.

What customers say:

Customers are in love with how comfortable these shoes are. “The prettiest, most comfortable shoes ever”, “wonderful shoes”, “so pretty and comfy” and received several compliments” are some of the happy comments made by customers.

2. Cute blush bridesmaid shoes for a glamorous look: LALA IKAI women’s high heels

Most of the times the shoes we wear for weddings will never get noticed, but if your dress happens to have a slit or has a high-low hem, then you might want to wear only cute and fashionable heels.

These LALA IKAI heels are perfect for bridesmaids because not only are they super cute and glamorous, but they also have an adjustable ankle strap and chunky heels which help you have the best comfort throughout the wedding.

What customers say:

Customers love how sexy and sophisticated these high heels make them look. They’re the perfect complement to a chic outfit!

“Gorgeous”, “sexy, classy, sophisticated look” and “they’re simply amazing” are some of the great reviews these bridesmaid shoes have received.

3. Best bridesmaid shoes for a special day: DREAM PAIRS women’s heel platform pump sandals

These gorgeous heels are perfect for a cute bridesmaid look. If you’re planning on buying shoes for that special day, then this is the best investment you’ll make: they’re classic, comfortable and go well with absolutely any type of outfit.

You can guarantee yourself you’ll have cute shoes for a couple of years to come with these DREAM PAIRS platform heels.

What customers say:

These heels are impossible not to love. The classic and sophisticated design has made customers fall in love with them.

“So comfortable”, “love these shoes”, “dancing shoes” and “definitely recommend” are some of the great comments made by happy customers.

4. Best low heel shoes for bridesmaids: DREAM PAIRS women’s chunk low heel sandals

If high heels are not your thing, or you’re already tall enough as to add any extra inch, these DREAM PAIRS shoes will do the trick for you.

They’re classic, comfortable and barely have a 3-inch heel, making them the best low heel sandals you’ll find online.

What customers say:

Customers claim that you can wear these shoes for hours without any discomfort, which is just what any bridesmaid is looking for. “They’re perfect, “love the design”, “these shoes are hot” amd “these are definitely a keeper” are some of the comments made by happy customers.

5. Chic and glamorous silver bridesmaid shoes: DREAM PAIRS women’s Dolce Fashion stilettos

Wearing block heels might be the go-to option for most bridesmaids, but if you love a glamorous and chic look, nothing can beat a pair of stilettos, especially if your dress leaves your feet exposed.

These high heels feature a 3-inch heel, which is not that tall, and a slightly padded faux leather sole. If you’re looking for a sophisticated bridesmaid look, then these are one of your best options.

What customers say:

Customers love that these cute shoes don’t have super tall heels, which makes them perfect for all-night comfort.

“I love this shoe”, “fit great”, “great for wide feet” and “comfortable to walk in” are some of the happy comments made by customers.

6. Classic and feminine grey bridesmaid shoes: Sam Edelman women’s Patti dress sandal

This is another classic shoe style that’s perfect for a bridesmaid look. Sam Edelman is a great shoe brand that’s well known for its high quality and trendy designs, which makes these cute strappy heels even more appealing.

They have a 3-inch heel and an adjustable ankle strap and can be worn with any type of outfit: from jeans to a chic maxi bridesmaid dress.

What customers say:
Customers are obsessed with how cute these shoes are. One claims that saying these are “perfect” would be an understatement, adding that she wears them every chance she gets.

“Comfortable”, “love these classic strappy heels”, “beautiful shoes” and “highly recommend these shoes” are some of the great reviews made by customers.

7. Red bridesmaid shoes for a killer look: DREAM PAIRS women’s pump sandals

If you love making a statement, then these red shoes are just what you need. The strappy design makes them super chic and sexy, and if you add a pop of color to your look, I can guarantee you’ll be the chicest bridesmaid of them all.

These are super high heels, featuring a 4-inch heel and a slightly padded faux leather insole.

What customers say:

Customers love how gorgeous these strappy high heels look in person. “Very cute shoes”, “look awesome”, “these shoes are beautiful” and “these shoes are everything you think they are” are some of the ways in which satisfied customers have described these cute high heels.

8. The chicest gold bridesmaid shoes; Herstyle Rosemmina women’s open toe high heels

If you love gold and glitter, these bridesmaid shoes are perfect for you! Not only are they super cute and classy, but they also have a 3-inch block heel and an ankle strap that will guarantee an all-night comfort.

These are a great investment shoe you can wear for many years to come!

What customers say:

Customers love how comfortable they are for standing and walking. “Classy and comfy”, “love these shoes”, “these shoes really sparkle” and “highly recommend these” are some of the happy comments made by customers.

9. The best closed-toe shoes for bridesmaids: Nine West women’s ANISA9X synthetic pump

If you’re not a fan of leaving your toes exposed, then these Nine West beige bridesmaid shoes are just what you need.

They feature a classic pointy toe design and a 3-inch heel that will help you feel comfortable all night long. You can also choose from 5 different glossy colors.

What customers say:

Customers love how easy it is to walk in with these shoes, which is a plus for anyone who’s planning on dancing all night long. “So comfortable”, “perfect heels”, “most comfortable pointed toe pump” and “great support and comfort” are some of the great reviews made by happy customers.

10. The best animal printed sandal heels for bridesmaids: Herstyle Rumors women’s chunky heels

Animal prints are everywhere, so why not include them in your bridesmaid look as well? These Herstyle chunky heel sandals are perfect for all-night comfort, but they’re also perfect for a head-to-toe chic bridesmaid look.

The heels measure approximately 4.25 inches and come with an extra pad insert that will provide you comfort throughout the whole wedding. Feel free to dance all night long!

What customers say:

Customers have valued the cute design and comfort of these Herstyle high heels, and also how affordable yet awesome-looking they are.

“Love them”, “beautiful shoes”, “perfect fit”, “buy now” and “look very expensive” are some of the comments made by happy customers.

Wrap up:

Nothing is better than your best friend asking you to be her bridesmaid for her wedding.

But such honor also deserves an amazing outfit. Make sure to look head-to-toe perfect with any of these 10 bridesmaid shoes that will not only guarantee a chic look, but will also provide an all-night comfort for such a unique and special occasion.