Have you been on a search for the perfect butt lifting leggings? There’s no shame in it at all!

We’ve all looked at the mirror and saw our booty and wished to have more or have it a bit more lifted. Whether we barely have any or have enough, a desire to show off our curves is ever-present.

10 Best butt enhancing leggings

Clothes are all about making us look and feel great, so when it comes to wishing our butt looked amazing, there are some leggings that can come to the rescue. I’ll guide you through the best 10 butt shaping leggings you’ll find on Amazon that will turn heads wherever you go.

These best booty lifting leggings were chosen based on:
– Quality
– Best reviews
– Comfort
– Fit

So if you’re on the look for enhancing your booty, follow me through this guide!

1. Perfect for yoga or Pilates: SEASUM Women’s High Waist Butt Lift Tights

These SEASUM bum enhancing gym leggings are perfect for your athleisure wear looks. There are 37 different colors you can choose from, giving you plenty of option to make the most of this brand.

Whether you’re planning on exercising or simply want to run errands looking your best, these leggings are a great option. The brand highlights these following features:
– Breathable
– Seamless
– Tight fit
– Strong compression
– Stretchy

Your booty will love these leggings!

What customers say

Apart from being the best-reviewed booty lifting leggings, they also have some other features that have made hundreds of customer give a 5-star rating:
– Their high waist tucks tummy in
– The thick fabric conceals any cellulite
– Makes your booty look amazing
– Great price

2. The best leggings for casual and workout outfits: SEASUM Women Scrunch Butt


37 different prints and colors to choose from! These SEASUM have the same quality as the ones above (same brand) but they are not textured. So if you feel like wearing textured leggings is too much, or are looking for leggings for casual outfits only, then consider these your best option.

These booty leggings will make your curves pop!

What customers say

Customers have loved how awesome their booty looks after trying them on, but they also can’t get enough of how soft the fabrics is. Many of them have already purchased or ordered more in other colors.

“Way better than expected” is what some say, which makes me want to order my own pair right away.

3. AGROSTE Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Butt Lifting

These AGROSTE booty lifting leggings will make you the center of attention! They have butt lifting feature that gives your bum a juicy peach look, making it look natural yet super curvy.

The fabric is also an “A+ Material”, with a mix of polyamide and spandex which offer a smooth and ultra-soft touch that will make you want to live in these leggings. They’re also super stretchy and hugs your waist while tucking in your tummy.

If a sexy outfit is what you’re looking for, these are the leggings for you!

What customers say

“Amazing stretch”, “fit beautifully”, “butt looks great” and “not see through” are some of the great reviews these AGOSTE leggings have received from their hundreds of customers.

4. Take your sexy style to the next level: FITTOO Womens Textured Booty Scrunch Pants

These FITTOO textured leggings have 20 different colors you can choose from and offer great booty enhancement while making you look stylish and sexy.

They have a high-quality fabric composition: with 90% polyamide and 10% spandex which gives you extra stretch for those days when you’re feeling a bit more bloated and simply want to hide your lower belly.

Either for the gym or casual looks, these FITTOO will definitely make your booty look much bigger!

What customers say

Women have fallen in love with how these leggings enhance their booty. They get compliments from random people and feel amazing wearing them.

“Glorious”, “phenomenal”, “super comfy” and “Incredibly flattering” are some of the top features that these FITTOO leggings have received from customers. Way better than some expected, these leggings will not disappoint you.

5. The best compliment for your gym looks: RUNNING GIRL Butt Lift Leggings

These RUNNING GIRL leggings are great for anyone who loves a good run AND a sexy look. They have a butt lifting feature that makes your bum look naturally lifted and big while hiding away any cellulite.

If you’re not convinced about their butt lifting features, their internal silicone will surely make you want to believe! They will give you an extra OOMPH and will turn heads as you run by.

What customers say

These RUNNING GIRL leggings do what they say they do, no lies hidden. Customers have loved how amazingly round and lifted their butt looks from the very first moment they tried them on.

These leggings will surely make you want to reorder them in all the 11 colors!

6. Amazing leggings for a fun gym outfit: Lunyu Womens Ruched Butt Lifting Leggings

If you have a fun style, these Lunyu leggings are made just for you. With 26 different cute designs to choose from, you’ll find it nearly impossible not to order all of them!

The best part? These are definitely bum lifting! Not only will you look cute and stylish, but you will also make everyone wonder how you got such an amazing booty.

With high quality and lightweight fabric, these leggings will be your go-to option whenever you feel like feeling comfortable because they’re not solely for the gym. You can also lounge in your house and have some friends over and rock these leggings!

What customers say

Customers have really loved these butt lifting leggings, claiming that they feel and fit way better than expected. They also highlight how comfy, stretchy and butt flattering they are.

7. Enhance your style and your booty: Bon Bon Up Women’s Leggings with Internal Body Shaper

These Bon Bon Up leggings will lift and boost your natural booty! If you’re looking for traditional looking leggings, these are perfect for you. You can choose solid and neutral colors that will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe, working as staple pieces while making you look sexy.

What customers say

“Definitely worth it” says a customer who claims the purchase has been a great investment. The material is super comfy and stretchy which flatters the bum and ticks in any belly fat you may have.

But what customers have loved the most is the high-quality fabric, which makes them feel “tight” and have everything in its place. No cellulite, no tummy, and a great butt lifting look, these leggings are something worth trying.

8. Best for tummy control AND a sexy look: Meilidress Women Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings

If you’re on the look for a comfy pair of leggings but also want to look sexy, these Meilidress butt lifting leggings are what you need.

They’re high waisted, wrinkle-resistant, butt lifting, seamless, breathable and stretchy. The best part? They have 39 different cute prints and colors you can choose from, which makes them perfect for casual, dressed up or gym looks.

What customers say

Customers have loved the perfect fit of these leggings and how smooth and soft the fabric is. Apart from feeling great, they also make your booty look like you go to the gym 24/7.

“Obsessed”, “favorite leggings” and “I’m in love” are some of the expressions used to describe these cute bum enhancing leggings.

9. For a sexy and round bum: CROSS1946 Women’s High Eaist Back Ruched Leggings

If you’re looking for leggings that make your butt look good, these will not disappoint you. These CROSS146 leggings have a variety of 27 different colors and prints that will enhance your gym style AND your booty.

Their butt lifting features will make your assets look round and lifted while making you feel super comfortable. You can wear these for the gym or for a casual date with friends.

What customers say

“Booty looks good”, “perfect fit”, “super stretchy” and “not see-through at all” are some of the compliments these CROSS146 leggings have received. Perfect reviews for anyone who’s on the hunt for the best investment leggings.

10. For tummy control and butt-lifting features: HURMES Women’s High Waist Textured Butt Lifting Pants

These textured Hurmes leggings have a high-quality fabric that hides any imperfections: from cellulite to lower belly fat, these leggings are perfect for fitness lovers who also want to look and feel great.

They also have a ruched back which will boost your botty’s natural curves, which makes them perfect for a sexy and comfortable outfit!

What customers say

Customers have loved how these leggings are not see-through at all and how they go all the way down to their ankles.

With many “definitely recommend (them)” reviews, it’s impossible not to feel tempted to buy a couple of these Hurmes leggings.

Wrap up

If you’ve been searching for a comfortable but booty flattering pair of leggings, then these leggings with bum enhancing features have come to the rescue. From solid to prints, and textured to smooth fabric, these are the best ones you’ll find on Amazon!

I hope these top 10 best butt lifting leggings will help you find the best ones for you.