What is Galaxy Hair

The galaxy hair is achieved by mixing different hair colors, in order to get your hair look like different parts of the galaxy.

Before showing you some stunning ideas how to style your galaxy hair, you need to know that this process takes few hours to be done. So, circle the date, make sure that you will be free all day long, and get ready for some fantastic galaxy hair.
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Here are some stunning galaxy hair tips and suggestions that you may find useful and exciting.

How to get the look

Combination of purple, blue and green hair color is what you need to think about here. Mixing them you will get this wonderful galaxy combination. It also looks amazing when you style your hair into braid and beach waves. Every one of these color combinations will take your breath away, be sure in that.


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If you thought that shot hair is not suitable for making it look like a galaxy, you are wrong, my dear. For this look you will need blue, purple and turquoise hair color. Pixie haircut is very practical, and there will be less work to do!

Don’t be afraid to wear your galaxy hair all the time with many different hairstyles (think: beach waves, straight or afro).

Galaxy Hair

If you just need a little splash of color in your life (and on your hair), you can do it like this. There are no combinations of different colors, but a mix of one shade. It is amazingly transforming from the darkest to the bright ones.


If you have dark hair, maybe it is better not to go extreme for the first time. Stay in darker colors of the night sky, and don’t worry. Your galaxy hair will not look any less attractive than others.

I am personally a fan of purple, and dark green, so I would choose something like this.


How about some pink sky? Don’t tell me you don’t like to see the beautiful pink sunset? I would love to have it my hair! As well as the blue galaxy hair, there is less work for you to do, so think about going with one shade just for the first time.


How to Do Galaxy Hair at Home

As I have already mentioned before, the process of making galaxy hair can last some time. However, the whole point is to have fun. Colors will not be forever same as they are the first day, and you probably know that. There are no permanent hair colors.

I have prepared a few steps on how to do galaxy hair at home. Let’s start!

For this galaxy hair tutorial you will need:

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  • Hair colors
  • Hair comb and brush
  • Brushes for each color separately (very important)
  • Mixing bowls for each color separately
  • Hair clips
  • Blow-dryer

Step 1: Preparing Your Hair

As you probably assume, the first step includes shampooing, putting on a conditioner and blow-drying your hair.

Step 2: Sectioning Your Hair

Sectioning your hair means that you need to split it into smaller parts, which will be held with hair clips. That way it will be a lot easier to apply all the colors you wish.

The best option is to go with two or three layers. That way you can make shades to be from darkest to the brighter ones.

Step 3: It Time for Coloring!

When you have separated your hair into smaller parts, now it is time to color them. Use different colors, depending on the style you want to achieve. This is the part where you can let all your creativity out. Make sure to use plenty of colors, to get the best result possible.

If there are some section of your hair you don’t want to dye, then you should cover them with plastic wrap.

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Step 4: Galaxy Hair is Done!


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Your color needs from 45 minutes to one hour to dry. After that give your hair cold rinse (not necessary) and treat it well. Hopefully, you will adore the result that you can see in the mirror!

How to DIY your galaxy hair at home, check it out!

Hopefully, you will adore the result that you can see in the mirror!


Pros and Cons of Galaxy Hair

For the end, let’s just sum up what are the pros and cons of having galaxy hair.

First of all, before doing it DIY, you may consider consulting with the hair stylist first. They can give you some constructive pieces of advice, what you can expect in the end so that you won’t get disappointed.


  • Galaxy hair looks very interesting.
  • If your goal is to be unique – then trust me, you will be.
  • This can be your chance to express yourself.
  • You can change your look all the time – different styles, and different colors.


  • Using the bleach can do severe damage to your hair
  • This process is not cheap. You will need few different hair colors, and many other things to get the galaxy hair right.
  • Prepare for a new hair growth every four to six weeks.
  • There are no permanent colors – after few shampooing, there will be the difference.

Either way, you decide to make your hair look, this trend is definitely a head-turner. Everybody will look at you and ask you how did you do that? Isn’t that fun?

Make sure to pick the right tones that go to your natural hair color, and go for it. If you like to experiment, go with many different colors at the same time. On the other hand, one-shade galaxy hair is also a perfect solution.

I hope that you have found this galaxy hair tutorial exciting and useful!