We all love feeling sexy every once in a while (or all the time). It gives us a boost of confidence knowing that we have the looks and the attitude.

However, everyone has a personal take on what is considered sexy. For some, it might be showing lots of skin, for others simply having vast knowledge of what we’re passionate about.

But there are some things that are sexy we can (maybe) all agree on.

How to be sexy

If you’re having a date with someone you really like, or just want to have that cool confidence of a sexy woman, follow me as I guide you through some “universal truths” about how to be sexy.

I’ve compiled the 10 best tips on how to be a sexy woman effortlessly. I’ll show you some sexy outfit ideas that will help you accentuate your body without necessarily showing too much skin, and some tips that will help you achieve that sexy attitude we all want.

1. It’s all about the attitude

Yes, I know it’s quite cliché, but being sexy has a lot to do with how confident you are.

You don’t need to be the life or the party. Even if you’re an introvert you can still just be yourself, and that will make you look like you’re genuine and not interested in “fitting in”.

But there are some specific things you can do to boost your sexy inner self.

1.1. Make eye contact

What’s one thing that demonstrates you’re super confident? Not being scared at looking at someone’s eyes.

Eye contact is such an important aspect to take into consideration, especially when you want to grab someone’s attention.

It’s not about being super creepy and staring at someone, but rather about looking briefly at someone’s eyes and then looking away. If you get lucky, you both might make eye contact at the same time.

This sexy tip is also helpful when you’re having a conversation with someone. Looking at his/her eyes when he’s/she’s talking will make a huge of a difference for him/her.

1.2 Smile

You can’t be attractive without your smile! Don’t forget that being sexy doesn’t have to be a serious thing. You just have to smile to people, especially if you’re engaged in a conversation.

It’s not about having the biggest smile. You can choose the “type of smile” you want to have:
– Smile subtly with one eyebrow lifted
– Lip-biting smile
– One-sided smile
– Etc..

You can practice at home looking at yourself in the mirror, especially if you’re trying something that you usually don’t do. Learning how to do a sexy face doesn’t come naturally to most people, so make sure you do some practice.

1.3 Leave your wrists exposed

It’s not a secret that women’s wrists that emit pheromones. These are chemical substances that trigger a social response in other people, one of them being sexual arousal.

This is one of the easiest sexy tips you can follow: all you have to do is, literally, leave your wrists exposed, and let your pheromones do their trick.

1.4 Wink

Doing a sexy and subtle wink every once in while can give you a sexy and flirty vibe. But there are some people that can wink quite easily, and others who just look weird doing so. Make sure that you’re in the first group, otherwise, you can always practice at home!

You can wink when you’re making a joke, or when you agree with someone’s opinion.

1.5 Physical contact

This is a great tip if you’re trying to get noticed by someone.

Don’t worry, making a physical contact doesn’t have to be as extreme as hugging or kissing someone. It’s more about the subtle contact you make: simply touch someone slightly on the arms.

This simple gesture will be noticed by the other person and will, most likely, get the message that you’re interested in him/her.

2. Treat yourself

Looking sexy has a lot to do with feeling sexy on the inside. That means that if you want others to think you’re sexy, you have to believe it yourself first.

There are many ways in which you can treat yourself in order to boost your inner sexiness.

2.1 Wear sexy lingerie

Who says you can wear lingerie ONLY when you’re seeing someone? You can be completely single and still wear your sexiest lingerie.

Doing this simple tip will make you feel sexy, especially during those early morning hours when you don’t usually feel like that.

Wearing something special on a not-so-special day is a great way of treating yourself and making you feel like the sexy queen you are.

2.2 Get a massage

Feeling relaxed is another way of boosting your sexiness. If you feel relaxed, you’re most likely to be yourself and have that easy-going attitude.

It’s also important because it lets you connect with your body: the relaxing massage against your skin will not only release oxytocin (which is the hormone that makes you feel good), but will also let your body know that you’re taking care of it.

Who knew that feeling sexy can be so relaxing?

2.3 Workout

Working out is not only about getting killer abs or a toned bum. It’s also about feeling great!

Exercising on a regular basis will not only reduce your stress, but will also make you feel much more confident with your body, and therefore, help you get in touch with your sexy side.

So get your gym clothes and start sweating! Just make sure you’re doing something you truly enjoy.

3. Tips for a sexy look

Because humans are highly visual, there’s no denying that making a strong first impression has to be related to clothes.

If you want to look hot, your outfit is what will definitely help you out.

You don’t need to have a “perfect” body or show a lot of skin if that’s not your thing. People think that being sexy has to do with “showing what you’ve got”, but not necessarily.

I’ll show you different ways in which you can look sexy without looking like you’re trying to much because, honestly, that’s a big mistake many women do.

3.1. Accentuate your waist

A woman’s body is naturally sexy, so when you’re deciding on wearing something that will make you look hot, accentuating your curves is one of the most effective ways of doing so.

One easy way of doing so is with high waisted bottoms. You can choose something really sexy like a pencil skirt:

High waisted pants with a t-shirt tucked inside is another way of elevating aa casual attire (while showing off your killer figure)

You can also opt for something more casual and laid-back like high waisted jeans and a tank top:

If you don’t feel confident in high waisted bottoms, or simply don’t think this flatters your body type, you can also opt for belts.

Wearing a shift dress or a tunic top with a belt cinched at waist is a great way of letting everyone know you’ve got a sexy figure.

3.2 Fresh mani and Pedi

You might not take your feet and hands into consideration when thinking about how to be sexy, but let me tell you, if you’re looking forward to grabbing someone’s attention, these are pretty important.

Men might not admit it, but they truly love pretty feet and hands. Wearing a red nail polished and having your feet and hands moisturized and perfect will definitely catch your special someone’s attention.

The best nail polish color you can wear for a sexy look is either hot red or burgundy.

3.3 Red lipstick

Last but not least, it’s a universal truth that red lipstick is an instant turn on. You don’t have to be a makeup lover or master to wear red lipstick.

You can literally wear only your pink blush, mascara and red lipstick for a sexy and sophisticated look. As easy as that.

Extra points if you’re matching with your feet and hands nail polish!

Wrap up:

Achieving that sexy look is not as hard as many people think. Now that you’ve read these effective tips on how to be sexy, you can start working on them.

Basic things like smiling, wearing sexy lingerie and a perfectly fitting skirt are some things you can do in order to feel and look sexy, so forget about buying sexy clothes or putting tons of makeup.

Being sexy should be as natural as being yourself is.