There are certain cheaper items that can be worn to get a luxuriously stylish look. Wearing the wardrobes in solid hues like black and white can give you a boring look. Floral prints can save the day. In the warmth of summer, how can you get a perfect style with printed pieces?

Printed outfits are timelessly classic items. Today we will discuss about how to wear printed items to make this summer more colorful.

How to Style up a Printed Fashion Staple?

Prints with Plain: Absolutely Flawless!

Are you trying a printed single piece for the first time? The safest way is to wear it with the variety of neutral shades. It balances the look and the focus remains on the printed items.

When it is about pairing prints with plain, it would not be wrong to just stick with black and white. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

In addition to black and white, there are several other neutral colors that look great with prints. These might include the hues like gray, ivory, beige, or dark shades that are close to black, such as deep blue. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

One of the most popular techniques used by many fashion designers is: The color of the plain item is picked from the colors that are present in the printed items—in short matched colors. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

If you do not pick one of the colors of the print, how would it look?  A model in the image below chose a color that was not included in the printed skirt. And the two singles seemed out of place. Compare both images and see the difference. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Feminine Prints with Tough Items

An outfit with floral print always gives a feminine appeal. When it gets paired with graceful and tough items, things turn out to be really special. Check out some tricks with mix.

Miss Watson’s print dress with suit pants, big back and red lips, the whole look is very interesting. ▼

The common print shirt with BF wind jeans, accompanied by pilot sunglasses, is simply alluring. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Most prints with jeans have a deep retro appeal. ▼

Gao Yuanyuan uses a denim jacket to mix and match the printed skirts. Shoes are also handsome. ▼

A handsome olive baseball jacket with a fresh printed jumpsuit… ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Check out the versatile and handsome BF wind suit we introduced before. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

From the neighboring girl to a street girl, she just needs a pair of black boots. ▼

Add a hat and change your vacation look in seconds. You can replace the wool cap with a Panama hat in summer. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Combination of printed long skirts and boots give the unruly style of a street girl. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Wearing boots in summer can be too hot, another practical option is cool white shoes/sneakers or neutral sandals ▼

Printed Dress + Leather Armor—isn’t it cool?▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Relatively speaking, large prints are better than small floral prints. KK walks through a blue-black print dress. Seems refreshing! ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

This set that Victoria Beckham recently wore is also the way to go. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

This small floral dress too looks eye-catching.  ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Those who do not have much fashion sense about picking the right color combos must opt for the simplest combo of black and white print. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

The two colors on the printed item should preferably be bright and dark. For example, bright orange with deep blue. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

If both are bright, the texture of the clothes will be more demanding. For example, blue-and-white printed clothes are quite manageable. Jenny’s blue-and-white printed skirt is particularly good-looking. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Blue and white porcelain style is also trendy. ▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

A brighter combo of red/pink and green is hard to manage for middle age women. Unless you are very stylish and good looking.▼

How to Wear Printed Dress

Other than floral prints, trying something rustic like fruit patterns gives a refreshing sensation. ▼

One-piece Printed Suit

As I said before, as compared to solid color single product, the texture of the print is more demanding. So, it is better to choose a good fabric with a good cut to make it easier to pull off.

In terms of style, it is best to select loose printed items. However, it may give the look of a “sleeping skirt”. How to manage this issue? According to my observation, the long skirt looks best with a slimming waist, and the short skirt looks best without a slim fit waistline.

Wearing a loosely fit maxi dress is not an easy task. It has its own requirements for getting a perfect figure and overall look. ▼

An overly fitted floral dress can easily give an old-fashioned look without any flair of femininity. Check out the outfits by the female devil Anna. She loves to wear tightly-fit floral pieces. ▼

Although this girl looks sassy with a curvy body but still something is lacking in her outlook. ▼

Loose waist dresses seem more romantic. But to get that perfect look, you must have more sense of quality. Compare… ▼

In short-length skirts, loosely fit items are very good. They seem easy to carry and playful. ▼

When you are about to wear a printed skirt, opt for enough material to get the flouncy feel. ▼

Too thin and light fabrics in fancy colors and cumbersome ruffles are really eye-catching. ▼

There are many kinds of printed items, but the most difficult to pull off are the printed trousers, especially the ones in bright colors. It is quite tricky to match it. Skinny people like Olivia love to wear it, and it suits her as well. Contrarily, heavy legs look worse in printed trousers. ▼

However, the printed shorts are worth trying. Pairing with a casual plain blouse in summer is an easy way to produce a cool look.

Prints with Clashing Colors

Those who have a stronger ability to control their colors schemes, can try to go against the basic color. In fact, it is not complicated, as long as the main colors in a print are coordinated with each other. The point is that the colors of printed items are not too cluttered.

Orange and blue are paired to bring a sizzling look. ▼

Orange hits the green. ▼

Pale blue hits the tender yellow—with matched boots, this one looks really nice. ▼

Dark green hits purple, and the whole look gives a retro appeal. ▼

Looking at the top dress designers, they love to play with different prints. If the prints itself are not too messy or cluttered, you can have a safely managed outlook.

Natalie Joos, a stylist who is specialized in color, has also tried a bold hit. ▼

This style is complicated enough but not messy. ▼

Printed skirt matched with printed shirt and large prints combined with small prints. ▼

If you think mix and match style to be tough to flaunt, you must avoid it. Otherwise you might get one of the following messy looks. ▼

However, there is another bold but easy to learn gameplay that is striped + print. Try it to get some unexpected surprises. ▼

Printed items are something that suit everyone. Although we talk a lot about matching rules, but it is not imperative to follow the rules. Sometimes what inspires you the most is a style that is “good-looking” and ‘interesting’. So just go with the flow. It’s also very important to consider the above-mentioned methodologies to try new and bolder looks. There may be unexpected surprises—who knows.