A sweat suit can be the epitome of comfort, but a set of sweatshirt and sweatpants in the same color also captures a sense of minimalist, laid back style. The shoes you pair with sweats will determine the dressiness of an outfit. Learn how to style a monochromatic sweat suit with women’s sneakers, heels or flat shoes for women for looks that span the spectrum from casual to dressy.

Slip-On Stylish Sneakers

Sneakers are an obvious choice of shoes to wear with a sweat suit. Both styles originated as athletic gear and have become fashion statements over time. Whereas sneakers were created for running, tennis, croquet and eventually basketball, the first sweatpants were introduced in the 1920s as warm-up wear.

If you plan to put on a monochrome sweatsuit for working out, select a pair of sneakers that provide the support and protection you need. For casual, everyday wear or to make a fashion statement, you may prefer eye-catching Puma sneakers from a designer collaboration or classic styles in bright, bold colorways that complement or contrast with the shade of a sweat suit.

Sport a Pair of Stylish Heels

Heels are probably not the first footwear you associate with sweat suits, but this uncommon combination can be one of the most striking style pairings. Street style guides have captured trendsetters wearing strappy heels with tapered sweatpants and fastening the straps up over the elastic band at the bottom hem on each leg.

Other styles of fashion pants in the style of sweatpants may not have tapered cuffs. It is important to factor in the height of the hemline of pants to select shoes with the right strap style and heel height. The color and design of these shoes should contrast with sweats, as matching heels may not have as much of a striking visual effect.

When you want to dress up a monochrome sweat suit, heels may be a good choice. This footwear also adds a few inches of height. As sweat suits are easy to wear, this style combination makes your feet the focal point of an outfit. If you are worried that wearing a monochrome sweat suit for a special occasion could look sloppy, elevate your look with a pair of high heels.

Try Low Profile Style in Flats

Flat shoes can add a touch of simple and unexpectedly elegant style to a monochromatic sweat suit. This look falls somewhere between the more casual, activewear-influenced pairing of sweats and sneakers and the more risque pairing of sweats and heels. Depending on whether you choose ballet flats, loafers or any other style of low-soled shoes, this fashion may look more or less formal.

A monochrome sweat suit can be dressed up for more occasions than non-matching separates. The color of a sweat suit may also determine the level of dressiness, with black, white, gray or other neutral shades being the most versatile. Wearing a monochrome sweat suit in a bright or neon color can also make a fashionable or fun statement, depending on your choice of footwear.