It’s time to celebrate!

Celebrating the life of a newborn definitely deserves a special occasion, especially if that day means he’s finally becoming part of the Christian Church. That’s what baptism represents: the celebration that this new baby is now officially God’s son.

If you’re invited to one, maybe you’ll be wondering what to wear to a baptism. But dressing for this celebration is a no brainer, although it will require some time to plan your outfit since it’s an elegant and special occasion.

What is the dress code for a baptism?

Most baptisms are celebrated in the morning and therefore, your outfit should have a day-time look. Also, since they’re held at churches, it’s important that you dress modestly, meaning no deep cleavages, no too-tight clothes, and not too much leg display.

Although you can perfectly wear a sexy outfit you need to cover yourself with a beautiful scarf or shawl. If this is your signature style, you can still adapt it into a baptism appropriate outfit with those cover-ups.

These are the most important elements to keep in mind when you’re deciding what to wear to a baptism.

Baptism outfit ideas

Once you know what NOT to wear to a baptism, all you need to do is enjoy these outfit ideas that will help you choose a perfect and super chic outfit. You’ll realize there are many cute options and that dressing for baptism is nothing you can’t tackle.

1. Dresses

Dresses are probably the most popular fashion item when it comes to baptism celebrations because they’re very feminine, elegant and comfortable, but make sure to keep the length very modest.

Always remember: an event held in a church requires modest clothes.

The best and chicest dresses for baptism are the following:

Embellished soft pink dress

Soft or pastel colors are the best option you can choose from. For a godmother baptism dress, an embellished one is perfect as it will give you a chic and elegant look to your outfit.

Florals should be your best friend when it comes to baptism outfits.

A lace dress for baptism is a great option too. It’s a super cute and girly style that will definitely make you look chic.

This dress in soft salmon will look perfect paired with golden accessories and a cute pair of heel sandals:

YOINS Women Dress Sexy Bodycon Crochet Lace Wrap Front Long Sleeves Mini Dress Pink# XS

As I mentioned, any soft color can work perfectly fine. This includes grey which can help you pull-out a sophisticated outfit.

Pair a grey dress with bright colored sandal heels to add a pop of color and to look like a fashion pro:

Maxi dresses

A maxi dress is a statement piece you want to wear if you’re looking for a super chic outfit. It’s completely appropriate for a baptism, just make sure the dress doesn’t look too formal based on the invitation’s location.

Again, opt for a soft color such as lavender or baby blue. As I’ve mentioned, florals are a great option for any kind of baptism outfit:

If you want to take your baptism outfit to the next level, opt for a maxi embellished dress such as the one below.

Look how beautiful this type of dress is! Just keep the rest of the accessories very low-key, as the dress is already a head-turner piece.

For a maxi dress, you can wear low heels to complement your style. I’d suggest these styles rather than pumps or high heel sandals.

A-line silhouette dresses

An A-line silhouette dress looks very feminine and flatter any body type, making it one of the best dress options for baptisms.

The Cambridge Collection Women's Draped V-Neckline and Petal Cap Sleeves Short Dress 6 Ballet

Another cute option if you want to go with an A-line dress is a white embroidered one with flower details such as the one below. White is a color you can absolutely wear and looks super cute as a baptism dress for godmother.

Women's Short Sleeve Mexican Embroidered Floral Pleated Midi A-line Cocktail Dress (S, White 4)

You can wear a deep v-neck dress for a baptism, just make sure to cover up your chest with a cute shawl:

Shawl options for a baptism:

If your dress is solid, a printed long scarf or shawl will bump up your outfit:

Strapless dress

If you have a cute strapless dress and want to wear it for a baptism, don’t worry. You can perfectly wear one, just pair it with a shawl or a bolero to cover up your shoulders.

You can take it off once the ceremony is over.

If your strapless dress is solid or very simple, a beaded or embroidered bolero will help you bump up your outfit:

Pair your bolero with a cute pair of high heel sandals:

2. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a great option when you’re thinking about what to wear to a baptism. They’re a statement piece all by themselves, plus they look super chic and are one of the most comfortable item you can wear.

Emerald green is a cute color if you’re not a fan of soft or pastel colors.

Happy Sailed Women Summer Short Sleeves Elegant Playsuit Wide Leg Jumpsuit Romper with Belted Small Apricot

You can wear a chic clutch if your outfit is monochromatic to add a pop of color:

two the nines Women's Evening Bags Snakeskin Pattern PU Leather Clutches with Removable Thin Chain for Cocktail Parties, Blue

3. Trousers or pants

A stylish pair of trousers paired with a simple top can make the perfect combo for a baptism.

My favorite type of trousers are the ones with a cute waist band:

Any type of palazzo pant can create an elegant outfit for a baptism:

An alternative for wide leg bottoms are straight legs and high waist trousers. Tuck inside your top and you will look super stylish:

I also love these crop pants made of faux-suede. If you’re a shoe lover, make the most of this type of bottom with a pair of super stylish sandal heels:

4. Skirts

My favorite skirts for baptisms are high-and-low skirts, because they make you look super stylish without even trying. These are statement pieces that can take your baptism outfit to the next level:

A tulle skirt is another cute option, just make sure to pair it with a simple top tucked inside.

Opt for a midi pleated skirt for a stylish look. Mini polka dots are perfect for a cute outfit, especially for a baptism.

You can never go wrong with florals. Keep them in mind when shopping for a baptism outfit.

Same as dresses, a maxi skirt can be a really cool option you can wear for a baptism. Don’t be afraid of wearing one! They’re super chic and comfortable, which makes the perfect combination for any kind of outfit.

Make the most of the animal print trend with a maxi skirt:

Wrap up:

Dressing for a baptism can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the dress code. These tips on what to wear to a baptism can give you plenty of inspiration that will make you realize how effortless and fun dressing for these occasions can be.

The best thing is that you can perfectly wear anything you’ve already got. Just carefully check your wardrobe and I’m sure you will find really cute items you can pair with new ones.

Lastly, remember this is a special occasion that requires an elegant attire, so always revolve around chic and sophisticated pieces that will automatically make you look appropriate for a baptism celebration.