With every change of season comes the dreaded feeling of not having the seasonal essentials. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend tons of money and buying a completely new wardrobe.

With winter coming in a few months, I thought it would be a great idea to help you build a perfect capsule wardrobe with winter essentials.

But don’t worry, these truly are essentials that should be seen as investment pieces because you’ll get to wear them not only for different occasions but also for many years to come.

One valuable tip I can give you if you truly want to invest in seasonal staple pieces is to try to opt for good-quality products. That’s the only way in which these essentials become an investment. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the very same position every single year.

8 Winter Essentials Are All That You Need For Cool Winter Looks

Must-have winter clothes for women

1. Long sleeve knit tops

I know, pretty obvious, but sometimes we think we have something so basic when, in fact, we’re actually lacking it. Or maybe the long sleeve you love so much is now too tight or too loose.

It’s always a great idea to check what you have and what truly fits you’re a few weeks before winter.

This type of long sleeve knit tops is quintessential because you get to wear them as your first layer, for added warmth, or simply as a normal top with a vest or cardigan.

My suggestion is that you should own at least two colors. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a tight or loose fit, as long as they’re a solid color and good quality you will have plenty of different winter outfits to wear with them.

You can easily dress it up or down. For a chic dinner look, pair your long sleeve knit top with a statement necklace, a chic jacket, and leather leggings, or dress it down with your favorite jeans and a cute handbag:

You can also own one or two in bolder colors or patterns. If you love statement looks, this is a great idea that will let you come up with many different and fun winter looks:

2. Sweaters

Whether you prefer oversized or fitted, crew neck or turtle neck, having a couple of cute sweaters will always come in handy during the winter season.

My suggestion is to make sure you have at least one in a neutral or basic color, preferably in black, grey, navy or camel. White or ivory is not a color I would suggest as a must-have only because they can get dirty quite easily.

You can opt for cashmere, wool or cotton-blend sweaters, but nothing beats a chic and basic cashmere sweater.

Winter wardrobe essentials don’t need to be boring. You can opt for a classic piece, like a cashmere sweater, but with cute and unique details. For example, a bell or puffy-sleeved sweater will update any basic sweater look:

As I mentioned, it’s super important that you own at least one or two sweaters in basic colors. Apart from that, my best suggestion is to have another one that truly represents your personal style. If you love colors, a hot read or colorful striped one will do the trick.

If you’re more casual and neutral, olive or mustard will be great colors to add to your winter essentials.

3. Coat

Just like sweaters, coats will also save you from freezing on those cold winter days. But, what are the best coats to have?

It truly depends on your style. What I can suggest is that you should have a minimum of two:
– 1 dark color: black, charcoal grey or dark navy blue
– 1 lighter color: camel, beige, soft grey, pale sage…

The dark colors will be your lifesavers on those days when you need to dress up, or for any night time event that you may have.

The light color coat will be your go-to option for the day-time: from going to school to grabbing lunch with friends. This color doesn’t have to be super light. What’s important is that you own one coat in a color that can be perfectly worn during the day or for casual events.

4. Leather jacket

We all know that leather jackets look great with absolutely anything. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to include them on this list.
But they’re also capable of keeping you warm on those cold winter days while making you look super cool, stylish and edgy.

It doesn’t have to be real leather; it can perfectly be a faux-leather jacket. However, a real leather jacket will always be an investment because they will guarantee a long-lasting product, as opposed to faux leather.

There are many styles you can choose from. Some are classic, some are edgier… It all depends on the type of looks you want to create.

If we’re talking about “essentials” then my suggestion is to stay away from super trendy styles. If you already have a basic leather jacket, then feel free to add another one in any style you wish.

If this will be your first leather jacket, then opt for a silhouette that you know will last for many seasons without looking old-fashioned.

Leather jackets are expensive, that’s why investing in a classic style will always be the best option.

5. Thermal underwear

Having thermal underwear or not will depend on how cold is the winter in your city. So this essential is only essential for those who live in really cold cities such as Chicago, Denver, Seattle…

Thermal underwear will literally save your life: they become your best friends on those days when sweaters and coats simply won’t do. They’re also super comfy (most of the time) and can be worn as pajamas as well.

6. Boots

Regardless of how cold your city gets during winter, you still need to own one pair of boots. These can be booties or thigh-high boots. The style will completely depend on how much the temperature drops.

However, booties will always come in handy: they can be worn almost all year round, so having one pair of these can be considered essential.

If your city gets extremely cold during winter, half calf or higher boots are your must-haves.

These look super chic with both dressy or casual outfits. Black is the number one color boot you need to have in order to come up with endless winter outfits.

7. Jumper dress

A jumper dress can be a debatable winter essential, but if you’re a fashion lover, this one should be on your list as well.

Winter dresses look absolutely stylish, as long as you’re wearing tights. You can pair them with thigh-high or combat boots for a casual look:

Or with high heels for a polished and dressy winter look:

The best part about these jumper dresses is that not only are they super trendy and fashionable, but they’re also cozy and comfortable, which makes them one of the best winter must-have clothes.

You can have these in neutral or bold colors: anything that will truly reflect your personal style.

Wearing these jumper dresses will also make you feel like the classiest and most stylish girl in town. Try wearing one and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You can also pair it with your leather leggings for a cool winter look:

8. Fedora hat

A fedora hat may not be the most critical piece to include on a cold weather essentials list, but it’s a key item that can upgrade your winter style.

Wearing a fedora hat is as simple as it sounds. You can be wearing any type of outfit, and a fedora will always find a way to pull it all together.

The best thing about fedora hats is that not only do they make you look mysteriously stylish, but they also keep your head warm when the temperature drops off.

You can also wear fedora hats during fall, which is another reason why I decided to include this piece on this list.

No matter if you’re wearing the coolest winter outfit or a laid-back and basic winter look, a fedora hat will always have your back:

Wrap up:

Building a seasonal capsule wardrobe is one of the best favors you can do for yourself because not only do you get to simplify your fashion problems, but you also get to invest in long-lasting pieces that will help you for many years.

This winter essentials list is a clear example of how you can own a few but key pieces in order to survive a whole season.