When it comes to discovering and developing your own personal fashion style, it is important to experiment with different things and clothes, even those in which we don’t feel 100% comfortable. Most of the times you end up loving what you thought you didn’t like or didn’t feel “like you”.

Sometimes, while we are discovering our style or we just want to spice things up, we realize we have always wanted to achieve a special look. And I believe deep inside us we have felt curious about trying nerd outfits.

This is a cute style that can also help us look smarter for those occasions when we want to dress to impress.

A nerd style is often associated with geeky, introvert and smart people. But nerd looks can also be cute AND modern.

Forget about those old-fashioned ideas on how nerds dress, there are so many stylish ways on how to dress like a nerd girl that will leave you loving this style.

Nerdy girls outfit

Who says dressing like a nerd girl is boring or makes you look like a loser?

A nerdy attire can be cool, stylish and even sexy! Take a look at these 6 tips for pulling off cute nerd outfits and still look super fashionable.

1. Show off your collar

A classic must-have fashion item everyone should own is a button-down shirt. And for achieving a genuine nerdy outfit, a button-down becomes critical.

For those cold days, a crew neck sweater on top of a button-down shirt showing the collar is the easiest way to get that instant nerd vibe.

I love how the first girl has chosen to look both nerdy and edgy with a baby pink sweater and black items from waist to feet. The ankle boots also give her a cool vibe, so it’s the perfect example of how to achieve a smart look without looking like a loser.

The second girl is an example of how cute and girly a nerdy style can be:

The best bottom you can wear is a flared skirt, but you can also perfectly choose any type of pants or jeans:

You can choose any type of shirt as well. A printed one will give some texture to your nerd outfits. You can also opt for a v-neck pullover sweater or, literally, ANY type of sweater, as long as you show-off your cute button-down shirt.

The nerd style can be transformed into a preppy and cute smart look. All you have to do is choose chic accessories such as a necklace or sunglasses paired with your sweater on top of your button-down:

A cardigan is another iconic item of nerdy girls outfit that you can wear as an alternative of a pullover sweater:

To take your nerdy outfit to the next level, wear it with a button-down shirt:

There are also many garments that come with a “fake” collar such as a dress, a shirt or a sweater. This is a great idea for an easy nerd style outfit as you can keep the rest of it however you wish.

As I’ve said, a shirt’s collar equals an instant nerd vibe. Let’s look at Taylor Swift’s nerd style which often involves these fake collars:

2. Button-down shirts

As I mentioned before, a button-down shirt is a must-have piece anyone should have, regardless of their style. But for a nerdy look, it becomes critical.

As you may have seen in the examples above, the collar of a button-down shirt is super important for achieving a genuine nerdy attire. If you’re wondering how do nerds dress, a button-down is your answer.

It doesn’t matter much with what you choose to pair it, as long as you keep the whole placket buttoned.

The secret of a real nerd style is to make it look as if you’re still going to school, that’s why the iconic nerd style involves button-downs, tights, and skirts. It’s like a school uniform.

But to make it look stylish you can choose chic alternatives. For example, an alternative for a classic button-down will be one with ruffles or embellishments.

Here are other examples of how to dress like a nerd girl with a button-down shirt:

If skirts aren’t your thing, then opt for a pair of trousers. They are perfect for a cool and a bit tomboyish kind-of nerd outfit.

3. Overalls

Overalls are a cute garment that gives you an innocent look, which is also what a nerd look does. So opting for overalls is a great idea because not only do they have a nerdy style, but they’ve also become quite popular in the last couple of years.

A black and white color palette is sophisticated and scholarly, which will give you a smart and elegant look.

But feel free to choose any color palette you like. The most important thing about recreating a style is to always feel comfortable.

4. Blazers

Blazers are associated with a formal and smart look. Remember that some private and prestigious schools’ uniform includes a blazer, and that’s why it’s another must-have item for pulling off cute nerd outfits.

My favorite way of pairing a blazer for a nerd look is, of course, with a button-down:

But you can also choose any type of shirt. The thing about blazers is that they already have a “professional” vibe, which is perfect for a nerdy attire because it instantly gives you a smart look.

5. Nerdy shoe styles

When it comes to dressing like a nerd girl, shoes become very important because there are some styles that are immediately associated with a smart and scholarly girl.

These are:

Black loafers

Especially if they have that glossy finish, but any style of black loafers is an instant nerd look.


Another shoe style that is perfect for achieving cool nerd outfits is a pair of oxfords. The best colors to choose from are either black or camel because of their school-like look.

You can even choose high heel oxfords for a polished nerdy look:


For a comfortable and super casual nerdy outfit, a pair of All-Stars are just perfect.

White never fails, but you can also choose any color to spice up your outfit:

6. Eyeglasses

You can wear whatever you like or dress with any style you feel comfortable with, but one thing’s sure, wearing eyeglasses will always make you look a bit nerdy. That’s why you have to include them in your nerd outfits.

You don’t need to wear them all the time, but for a genuine nerdy attire, eyeglasses cannot be left out.

The best nerd eyeglass styles are these:

Round frames

Big and round, this is what’s going to make your eyeglasses noticeable:

Black frames

Choosing the right eyeglasses depends on your face shape, but a universal nerdy frame style is a black one, regardless of its shape.

So you can choose any eyeglass style you want, just make sure it has a black frame:

Wrap up

Sometimes we feel like experimenting with our fashion style, and trying some nerd outfits will definitely push us to the next level.

The best thing about dressing like a nerd girl is that you can perfectly show everybody that you’re smart, professional, but at the same time really stylish. You don’t have to risk looking fashionable just because you want to look smart.

That’s a common misconception a nerdy look often has, and I hope these examples on how to dress like a nerd girl have helped you realize that every style has its own magic and appeal.

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